Saini Institute of Girls’ Education

(Run by Saini Education Society, Rohtak)

Saini Institute of Girls’ Education

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Saini Education Society came into existence about 65 years ago with a very humble infrastructure. At present Saini Education Society is imparting quality education to the masses through its eight dynamic Institutions.

In this long journey the participation and immense help of a few social reformers namely Munshi Sheo Narain Mahashya Bharat Singh Saini, Babu Devi Parshadji Vaid DevDuttji, Ch. Manohar Lalji, Munshi Daulat Ramji, Ch. Tej Ramji, Ch. Jagga Malji Rais, Ch. Nand Ramji, Thekadar Asa Ramji, were of great importance. Inspired by the deeds of these reformers, educated young men formed an association by the name of “Saini Youngmen Association” Under the Leadership of Babu Murari Lalji Panwar.

The first public programme was organised very success fully in chaupal of Saini Pura in the year 1937. In this programme it was resolved that for the general upliftment of the community particularly the studies of poor & promising Saini Students should be helped, this resulted into the residential Saini Asram in the house of Master Sita Ramji. It was further realised that to uplift the Saini Society, Education of their wards is must. Hence to cater the need of children of families residing in Chamanpura, Sainipura, Chunnipur a, Sukhpura etc., Saini Primary School was started at the Chamanpura Chaupal in 1941. Mahashya Bharat Singh Saini did the pioneering job in opening the Primary School and Master Ghasi Ram Ji extended his selfless services as founder teacher of the school. Within four years of its establishment, the strength of students increased from 40 to 250 and meanwhile 23 Bigha land was purchased for School Campus. In this endeavour, the Credit goes to Ch. Ram Charan Ji (M.C.), Jamadar Ram Singh, Munshi Ram Sarup Nazir, Ch. Lachaman Singh, Master Sita Ram, Ch. Ramji Lal Bagri and Mahashya Ram Kishan Ji. With the contribution and services extended by Murari Lal Pawar and other freedom fighter, the school building took its shape and the school got permanent affiliation in 1952. Pandit Shubram Ji got the honour of being first head Master of the School. Under the able guidance of Managing Committee and dedicated team of teachers, the strength of students in creased to 1000 in 1964. Keeping in view the requirement of mor e rooms and facilities, the society generated more funds. The contribution and instilling efforts of building construction committee which included Master Gopi Ram, Master Kishan Chand, Master Chandgi Ramji, Master Ghasi Ramji Master Gopa Ram Ji and many other workers will be remembered for ever for their selfless contribution as their efforts resulted into the solution of water problem of school. At present a very big School comprises of 25 class rooms, a Computer Lab., a Hall and a big playground. In 1966 Saini Kanya Pathshala was established, with the passage of time Saini Kanya High School shaped up. Girls school is progressing by leaps & bounds under the dynamic management at present.Over the period of time, need for a Sr. Sec. School was realised and with the sincere efforts of Sh. Harbans Singh Saini President & other members of the society. Saini Sr. Sec. School was started in 1992. In the year 1997 during the tenure of Sh. Baljeet Singh Saini President and others, Saini Girls Sr. Sec. School ca me in to existence. Then in 2002, Saini college (Co-ed) was established. Since its inception the college is showing consistently good results and enviable achievements. In 1995 Public School was also established. At the moment the Saini Kanya High School and Saini Girls Sr. Secondary School are running extremely well.

Following the path of social work Sh. Vijay Kumar Saini, President Saini Education Society, Vice President Sh. Parveen Saini, Secretary Satpal Saini, Joint Secretary Suresh Saini and Cashier Sh. Rohtas Arya, Managers Sh. Rameshwar Saini, Sh. Kishan Singh Saini and Sh. Suraj Bhan Saini & other members are walking tirelessly and there is no looking back. The Present Society comprises of young men full of vigour and strong will to raise the Institutions to the skies. At present the society is making all round progress by the Co-operation of expert Officials, Members and efficient employees.

Recent endeavours of the society include starting new Courses. viz APGDCA, BCA, M.Sc.(Computers), Computer Education from class III, etc. These courses will help student to get equipped with information technology skills and hence will be able to milk more opportunities to excel in this highly competitive professional world.

Projects of introducing courses of Management Studies, Law, Nursing are on the line to be commenced in near future.

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